Friday, August 29, 2014

Should I revive this blog?

I've been microblogging from Facebook, and somehow because of busyness and so many life events, I have not paid attention to this blog since early last year.

Should I revive this blog?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ready for Summer 2013?

Ready for Summer 2013? I hope you didn't buy any of the 2012 apocalypse scare. It was absolutely the perfect excuse to load up on all the lechons, hams and cheese on the Noche Buena table. It's the end of the world, right? NOT! I'm sorry that excuse didn't work well with me either. Time to shed out the holiday fats and get beach-ready! I know this body is nowhere beach-worthy, but whatever skin I can't show off, I compensate by confidence, right? LOL I do miss Boracay, getting drunk with my husband and forgetting for a few short days our double-life as James Bond and the beautiful Chinese gangster Severine. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 2013 Indeed

The Holidays went back so quickly. Of course, in the Philippines, Christmas runs for months on end and we can't seem to get enough of it. It's that time of the year when everybody's on leave and by some miracle, everybody's complete for photo-op. The kids are in new clothes and are more than willing to have their photos taken. Any resistance is met with the threat of Santa skipping our house since they didn't score too well on the naughty-or-nice meter. :P And now that it's over, we can now breathe a sign of relief that tis the time to pack away the christmas wrappers, ampaos, crisp 20 peso bills and save our wallets from total devastation. And just when it's over and done with, nature has its weird way of reminding us that the next Christmas won't be too far off, by giving Metro Manila a complimentary 16 degrees of cool weather this January. :)

Ricky Lo Interviews Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables

Being the theater lover that I am and having anticipated Les Miserables for the whole 2012, this discussion is too close to home to pass. I fell in love with Les Mis at the tender age of 7, read it back in the day when publishing classics on comics was the norm. Eventually I grew up to join theatre, and Les Miserables still holds the spine-tingling magic as I first read as a child.

A controversial interview by veteran entertainment columnist Ricky Lo of A-list Hollywood actor Anne Hathaway as she talks about her film, "Les Miserables," has taken the social media networking sites by storm. The interview didn't go as candid as expected, as it was filled with awkward pauses, unfinished sentences, lack of rapport and a seeming endless round of questions previously asked by the interviewer. Hathaway, wearing what seems to be variations of black throughout the "Les Mis" promotion, steered away from the touchy questions, while Lo egged on comparisons to previous stage Fantine, Lea Salonga.

Anne composed herself so well, and she has every right to answer sarcastically since the writer didn't seem to be paying attention to what she was saying. I can sense that she sincerely wanted to talk about the movie, her character and what she brought into the film, and was trying to give something meaningful to the lone press representative from the Philippines. However, Lo chose the most obscure, annoying and repetitive questions that he can possibly think of.

Lo is respected in his field and has gone down this road so many times. He has practically interviewed all of my Hollywood hunk crushes including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, he usually asks the right questions and get the most fruitful answers. He's published a lot of well-written articles of international celebrities and musicians. However on this particular interview, he chose to endlessly annoy Hathaway-- an A-list actor people stand in the line for hours to see-- who he had solo with undivided attention for a full 5 minutes (and that's including him dropping his phone with a loud thud!, that's like precious interview seconds) I can think of so many questions to ask Anne-- and how I wish I could! This is definitely not putting Anne in a pedestal but considering it's Lo's job to ask the right questions and not harass the person he interviews like some TMZ reporter. And not to compare, but Boy Abunda did a better job at interviewing Zac Efron amidst an SM Arena-ful of screaming teenagers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apple Unveils The iPad Mini

Christmas season has started. I suggest you start playing the good little boys and girls that you are so you can actually ask Santa for an iPad Mini! Go wash the dishes, chop chop!

Apple has just announced the arrival of the iPad Mini at their 2012 Press Conference. It is indeed smaller, thinner and manufactured with the same process as the iPad 5. No retina display, though. I have a feeling all the teenagers and kids around the world will be hoarding their allowances and cash gifts to buy this! (Or perhaps complain incessantly to their parents to buy them one)

 It is actually more affordable at $329 for the 16GB WiFi version. Although I don't think the $329 is worth it considering the features aren't good enough. I think this would be more of a fad-sell rather than buying it for its features.

My iPad 2 actually has been subject to abuse from my boys, so I wonder how the iPad Mini will be able to handle wear and tear. Slimmer, smaller and definitely looks more fragile. 

The camera is a dinosaur at only 5 megapixels. Do they really expect everyone to just Instagram photos taken by a lousy iPad camera? Why don't they just get the same camera from the iPhone and plug it in the iPad? People will be willing to pay for that kind of quality rather than lose significant impromptu moments that they may need a gadget in hand. 

This new iPad isn't as life-changing as other Apple products. It seems it's not exactly worth the price tag.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko

Sa lugawan ngayong umaga, nakasabay kong kumain ang isang mag-asawang Lolo at Lola, mga nasa 80+ years old siguro.

Lola: Pabili po ng isang lugaw.
Tindera: Isa lang?
Lolo: Oo. 
Lola: Ayan, share tayo. 

Naghati sila sa maliit na bowl ng mainit at masarap na lugaw. Nung nangalahati na yung bowl, binigay na nya kay Lola at sinabing "sa yo na, ayaw ko na" kahit obvious naman na konti lang ang kinain nya. Ewan ko ba pero sweet na sweet ako pag nakakakita ako ng mga thunders na ganito mag-care sa isa't isa. Promise, kinilig kami ng tindera ng bongga. Parang biglang tumugtog yung "kahit maputi na ang buhok ko" sa background habang pinapanood namin sila at touched na touched kami.

it's considered a blessing to live a long life, and an even bigger blessing to have someone who loves and cares for you in the golden years :)


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